Waterfalls and Rainbows..

Waterfalls and rainbows..a special treat..all there beauty..can't be beat..
Just to look..see the site..its so special..out of site..
Its all created..for us to dream..so much beauty..in between..
All the world..nature here..is so vast..how we cast..

With each other..we hold and share..throughts and dreams..because we care..
As we see it..its our call..we tell each other..before it falls..
We hold each other..tight you see..that the beauty..that we need..
The things we share..letting go..its all love..we love so..

As we grow..seam together..be as one..forever and ever..
It comes to light..into sight..how we feel..we just seal..
Up together..like nature does..over time..we are fine..
Staying close..to ourselfs..with each other..nothing else..

A special treat..is seeing you..your my dream..Im into..
Your natural beauty..plain to see..somthing special..you would be..
Just a smile..the way you do..so beautiful..through and through..
Your just a dream..sealed inside..your natural beauty..you don't hide..

I hold you close..I always will..I dream of you..be my thrill..
As nature does..getting through..deep in me..theres love for you..
Its a feeling..that I hold..how you make me..big and bold..
Waterfalls and rainbows..a special treat..its all your beauty..makes me complete..


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