Your love bed..

With your love bed..that show..I will spread you know..

Take you slow..kissing you..get you nude..get in to you..

First on top..kiss you spread just si..

Lick you up..and down you see..make you cum..all over me..

Turn you over..on hands and knees..lick some will be pleased..

You say guide me feel me big..deep within..

You take a just seep..your in a oooh..filled up complete..

Your head just falls..Im deep in you..its all my feel it too..

Its all of take inside..I dont hold back..I keep you high..

Just turn you what I do..I love your pink..showing to..

I set you the cover me..I never stop..

I let you go..all over me..I say, its time..I let you see..

You come take me drink me special friend..

I dont hold back..I never do..its you my friend..Im so into..

Its your love show me..just makes me cum..and cum, you see..

All for you..I do this are my friend..your such a score..

Its your turn me on..I have to love you..all night long..

Your sweet words..your song of love..I love to hear you..from above..

This is what..I give to you..all of what I do..

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