Hidden Nature

The eagle soars o’er the

Clear sky,

The hare gallops through

The meadow,

At dawn, the sun races

Down the orange horizon.

A beautiful site it is,

But alas, it must end;

What comes about is


What many see as a

Gloomy, dreary void

Of darkness is actually

A dazzling, awesome sight.

The stars casts it lights

Into the skies as the trees

Wave in the soft breeze

The air lusters up.

A wolf howls at the

Shining moon;

All of these concurrences

Little to see by many,

But fathom

This sight,

For you shall have

Unlock the beauty

Of the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written because I think many people do not observe the beauty and greatness of nature, especially at night. I think that instead of using technology to entertain us, we should look to the heavens and time shall pass quickly.

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