2/04-Animal, mineral or vegetable.



1:07 am

I feel as if I am in a place again.

A familiar uncomfortable place.

A place with a constant question humming through the loudspeaker of my


A place of who are you.

A man or a woman?

A plant, mineral, or vegetable?

Or just a dyke?

Is who you are now what you will be in five years?

Is who you are loveable, responsible, trustworthy, caring, smart, and

attractive enough for the rest of the world.

Or is who you are just a waste of flesh.

Another night alone.

Another night of questions.

Will I ever figure out who are you?

Will I ever live life again?

Will I ever be loved again?

Will I ever succeed in the American dream?

Will I ever have a purpose in my life again?

Will anyone come to my funeral if I died tomorrow?

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