2/04-My angel



4:34 am

My angel.

The vision in my dreams.

Always there in front of me.

But always just outside my reach.

How do I touch a vision in my dreams?

How do I know she is real?

How do you touch an angel?

When can I see you unfurl your wings?

When will you let me in?

To see what lies beneath the surface of the angelic skin.

When will you become more then a vision in my dreams?

Will I ever have my angel?

Do you realize you are my angel?

Or will you always be just outside my reach?

Always a vision in my dreams, not to be realized.

I need you to let me in my angel.

I need you to make me a part of your world.

I need you to come to life and not be a vision in my dreams.

Please Angel Please.

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