4:24 am

Do you know what I want?

I want the front of my legs against the back of yours.

I want my pussy against your ass.

I want my stomach against the small of your back.

I want my breasts against your back.

I want my lips gently on the back of your neck.

I want my nose being tickled by the sweet smell of your hair.

I want my arm around your waist holding you tightly.

I want our bare naked glistening bodies entwined.

I want to drift off to sleep while singing to you softly.

I want to feel your chest rise and fall into a gentle rhythm.

I want to hear you mumble I love you as you take your last moment of


I want to hold you next to me all night.

I want to wake up with you still in my arms.

I want to wake you up with breakfast in bed.

I want to see the shy smile on your face as you turn up to me to kiss me good

morning, and thank me for the breakfast.

I want to lie in bed and read to you, while I absently rub your head.

I want to hold each other and tell our deepest fears.

I want to whisper in your ear my deepest wishes.

I want you to whisper yours to me.

I want to spend the night sleeping next to the woman I love.

Our bare naked glistening bodies entwined in a lovers knot.

Fitting together as only lovers can.

Will I ever have what I want?

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