2/04-Am I..or



3:47 am

Am I good enough?

To belong in your world?

Or am I just playing the fool?

Are you expectations?

More then I could ever live up to?

Or is it all just a matter of time?

Are my words enough?

To show you how much?

Or do I have to let you go?

Is knowing my love not enough?

My arms are open to you.

But I don�t think there is enough time.

Do I have to take myself away from you?

Can I compete in your world?

Will I ever find these answers?

The answers that my heart so desperately needs.

Will everything come around in time?

Am I strong enough?

To show you love that you need?

Or will I just keep faltering?

Should I prepare to find myself alone?

Are you going to take yourself away from me?

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