2/04-Did she



4:51 pm

Did she even get you anything for Valentine�s Day?

Did she make you feel like the queen that you are?

Did she paint you a picture?

Did she write you a poem?

Did she tell you a story?

Did she sketch you a drawing?

Did she get a card?

Did she just kiss you in the morning and say �Happy Valentine�s Day� and was

off to work?

Did she just take for granted that you were there?

Did you know that I had stuff for you?

Did you know it took me half hour to pick out a card, that I can�t give you?

Did you know I begged to take the truck into town to get picture frames

with hearts on them?

Did you know I made you another CD?

Did you know how desperate I was to touch you?

Did you know how nervous I was?

Did you know how hard I had to bit my tongue?

Did you know I had my hands in my pockets the whole time?

Did you know how hard that was on me?

Did you see it on my face?

Did she?

Did you see the torture on my soul as I stood there?

Did you see me thinking it was you when �Nessa was rubbing my head?

Did you see the longing in my eyes when you came out to the car?

Did you see the craving written all over me?

Did you see my eyes welling up with tears?

Did you see my walls trying to hide me?

Did you see me?

Did she?

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