1/04-Happy Birthday Grammy



1:39 am

Happy Birthday Grammy

Happy birthday Grammy.

Today you would have been 81.

Still 12 years younger then the generation before you.

Gone for 5 already.

The tears well up now.

To puff and stain the page with a wow.

I miss my Grammy so bold and bright.

But all I can say is have a great birthday right.

May your day be filled with laughter and light.

On this heart filled January night.

My best wishes always to you.

For it is from you that I got my worldly view.

To stand up strong and bold.

Knowing you always had me in your hold.

There in the crux of your leg.

Never having to beg.

You held me tight.

To get me thru another night.

A love so strong.

That nothing could go wrong.

So happy birthday to you.

Bless you Grammy bless you.

Please hold me tight.

And get me thru another night.

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