2/04-Where are you tonight



1:12 am

Where are you tonight?

Never mind I know the answer.

Tucked safely in her arms.

As I once again face the fate of crawling into bed alone.

Another night alone.

Another night of fitful dreams.

But where are you tonight in your dreams?

Are you at least with me in your dreams?

Am I floating some where above you in your sleep?

Or do you have me tucked some where between your shoulder and your


If you do it doesn�t feel like it as I am still sitting here.

Still sitting here tears in my eyes.

Craving desperately to have you here with me.

Instead of where you are.

Will you ever be where I need you?

Will you ever be here when I need you?

Or will I always be here and you always there?

Here and there how much difference one little letter can make.

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