2/04-I have (2)



12:55 am

I have gazed into your eyes as if they were windows to your soul.

I have felt your smile radiate towards me and felt my own smile grow.

I have written you words to try and describe the fire that burns brightly

inside me for you.

I have felt your fingertips light that fire.

I have looked upon your unseen flesh with wide eyes of amazement.

I have been blinded by your beauty.

I have felt the love that burns majestically within you.

I have felt your presence deep within my soul.

I have touched a new place in my life because of your influence.

I have touched your skin and felt electrified.

I have felt your lips upon mine as if in some sort of dream.

I have tried incessantly to write the emotions that you bring to my world.

The feelings that no one has ever been able to stir in me.

I have pages upon of pages of words.

But do you understand that to not have you in my life.

Is simply not an option.

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