2/04-I have



4:18 am

I have touched your face.

I have gently laid my hands upon your skin.

I have run my fingers across the slopes of your shoulders.

I have felt your lips on mine.

I have had that moment just before our lips touch.

I have felt your hands caress my soul.

I have starred into the pools of your eyes.

I have found myself lost in the depths of you.

I have been brought joy at the sight of your smile.

I have felt your nipples grow hard in my fingers.

I have parted your wet lips with passion.

I have heard you moan with desire.

I have let you undress me.

I have felt your mouth on my breast.

I have arched myself against your face.

I have welcomed the exploration of your fingers within me.

I have let you take me there, further then I have ever been.

But will you ever let me give you the same gift?

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