1/04-The only one



3:58 am

Did I move to fast?

Or did you not want something that lasted?

Was I the only one that was able to put you on cruise control?

I know you weren�t looking to screw on the first night, and we didn�t.

So what fucked up the vibe?

Did you feel like you were wasting your time on nothing?

I know your will is stronger then most, but to the point of not letting

yourself love?

Did you not feel like I deserved you?

We made it past the first date.

Then we did all the nasty things that you wanted to do.

We made every second count.

Why is it such a big deal?

Did you get me in bed and find out I was empty instead?

Or did you just find out that we weren�t meant to be?

Do you feel like you wasted another home run?

Am I your only one?

Are you my only one?

Will we ever know the answer to this?

(from the song �the only one� limp bizkit)

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