1:36 am


You have made me drain the words from my head.

Sweet words that I want to give you.

I can�t sleep because I need to tell you goodnight.

When we are together I feel perfect.

I fall apart when we are not together.

All that you say is sacred to me.

I can�t look away from your eyes.

I want to lay in the stillness and look at you.

I want to promise that I will stay with you.

You know that you are all that I live for.

I would die just to hold you now.

Somehow I will show you that I am your knight in shining armor.

Somehow I will show you that I will be right beside you.

Somehow I will show you that my love is enough.

Somehow I will show you what you mean to me.

Someday the words will come to me that will make you mine.

So many nights I have cried myself to sleep.

Now that you love me I love myself.

I never thought I would say that again.

I never thought there would be you.


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