2/04-I tried to love again



12:45 am

I tried to love again.

You got me to love again.

Something I never thought I would do again.

So now that you have made me love again.

What do we do with it now.

Five hours between us and my heart feels so full and so empty.

You have found your way deep into my heart.

My soul is forever changed because of your presence.

My heart rising in joy when I hear your voice or look at your picture.

My eyes growing moist when it is time for you to go back to her.

My soul crying great tears of sorrow when I realize I will never have you as

my own.

How did you get me to love again?

Why did you bring that out in me when you knew you couldn�t love me like I

need to be loved?

I have given you all of my heart.

Broken and battered as it might be.

I have given it all to you.

I have tried to love again.

But I don�t know how much longer I can walk around with cupid�s arrow

piercing my heart.

With you miles and miles away.

Unwilling or unable to be with me to hold me as my heart bleeds for you.

So I am left to lie here bleeding for a love I can not have.

(the first cut is the deepest)

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