2/04-Do this anymore



1:06 am

Why can�t I do this anymore?

Why is it that is what is best for you the worst for me?

When will it be my turn?

When will it be your turn?

To take control of your life.

To make you happy.

How can I do this anymore?

When am I going learn?

I am just tired of waiting.

I am tired of this lie you are telling.

When will it be my turn to be loved?

When will I be the priority in your life?

When will the sneaking around be too much for you?

When will we get caught?

When will my love be enough for you?

When will you stop be responsible for her?

When will be free to call and write?

When will it all fall into place?

How can I do this anymore?

All I can say is that love has no timeline.

I will wait forever for you.

No matter how much it kills me in the process.

Some day what is best for you will also be best for me.

That is all I can dream for.

(do this anymore)

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