1/04-Haunting me



10:41 pm

The image of you standing there in front of me.

It�s haunting me.

It�s confusing what is real.

My mind is in a swirl of imaginations.

I want to open up my mind.

Because it�s confusing what is real.

I want to run to your arms.

I want you in my life.

With no more wondering where you are.

I want to walk blindly into the future.

Arm and arm together.

Seeing what life has for us.

I don�t want to be stuck on the outside.

Unable to hold on.

Afraid to open my eyes and realize.

Realize that it was just a dream

It doesn�t matter how hard I try.

I can�t force it to stay together.

I can�t force it to be more then it is.

But will it all matter in the end.

But it does matter that I put my trust in you.

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