2/04-Forever and for always



12:51 am

I fell in love with you forever and for always.

But now it feels like I will never have you.

I will never be able to fall asleep in your arms.

I will never hear your heart beat when I can�t hear anything else.

I don�t know how I can let you go now.

Will I ever see that day that you will be mine?

You are mine forever and for always.

When I get to wake up every morning to your sweet face.

But will I ever have you?

Will we ever really be together?

Will you ever be mine for always?

Or will I always be second best.

A great thing to play with at the park.

But not enough to take home with you.

I don�t know how to go on.

But I don�t how to let go either.

(forever and for always)

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