1/04-Did you know.....that I



3:23 am

Did you know?

That I was crying.

Last night when you said you wouldn�t leave her.

You won�t leave her cause of your responsibility.

Your responsibility to her.

Responsibility to her that doesn�t exist.

It doesn�t exist because it isn�t your job.

Your job is mother and insurance claims.

Insurance claims are your job not Xxxxx�s mother.

Xxxxx can always move back to her mothers.

Her mother is not you.

You know how much of an effect.

An effect you have had on my life.

My life is better for having you.

Having you will I ever really have you?

Have you realized yet what you mean to me?

What you mean to me can never really be explained.

Can it really be explained how much I love you?

How much do you love me?

Or do you love me?

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