tear filled eyes

as i lay there on the cold ground, looking up at the stary filled sky, wit thoughts in my mind and no were to fly.  i lay there with tear filled eyes thinking about were i could be and why... I hope i am   ding right and not doing wrong... but i still lay  there thinking there is something more i could be doing that there is something more that i have not yet thought of... as i lay there i think to my selfe what i can do to change what  have i been doing wrong... what have i been doing right... what have i not noticed... am i holding back am i putting fourth my best efforts. I just lay there and cry



She approches me and sits besides my " i do not notice her sitting there as i lay there staring up at the sky with tear fiilled eyes" as a tear rolls down the side of my cheek she is looking in to my eye, she says in a calming voice things will get better things will become easyer but right now we have to power thru this and see if this will work. "as i sit up i look in to her eyes as i wipe my face i ask her how are you so sure of your self, how do you know things wil get better, how  do you know things will become easyer, HOW DO YOU KNOW!!!


As we both lay down on the cold cold ground looking up at the star filled sky hand in hand with tears in our eyes "I whisper passently and in calm voice I love you"

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please let me knw what your thoughts feelings and any thing you like

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