Possessed by animalistic Lust

Possessed by animalistic lust
In a realm of fantasies
Sexualized beauties hands creep across their lover's skull
Every breath stolen from seductive rose lips
Bowing down in devotion, engaging in cunnilingus
Enticing demoness stripping from their panties and stockings
Released from their garterbelts and fishnets
Masochist chained, wiped, and ball-gagged
Anilingus stimulation before the act of sodomizing pleasure
The dorms fill with a musty scent
Maidens smell enticing with incense in their hair
Masturbating to the sexual atmosphere
Everyone is spreading the language of feral behavior
Arousement blooming between their legs
Feel her warm tongue, surrender to her you must
The feeling of being bitten and clawed sends shivers down your body, cumming on her breast
Caught in a haze looking into each others wild eyes
Don't you just love untamed copulation
A gathering of promiscuous, Polymorphous beings
Harlots entwined in passion, love, and erotic desires
The embodiment of sadistic penetration while yanking at their pierced teats with your mouth
Left drained is it all an illusion. this can't be real
This day, this night shall be eternal
Celebrating the offered sin of lust

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