A Greeedy Minx

A shadow perversion on the prowl
You catch my fascination as you sit next to me
Salacious thoughts glisten fresh in your eyes
As the sun eclipses my blood goes thin
I’m shaken by the havoc she brings
Bite down with a feverous sting
Soulmates with venomous unchaste gleam
There emotions begin to throb
It is the sound of droning love
Swarmed up in a drifting haze
A converted woman caught in a gaze
Her black lipstick stains my bliss
Stuck together like Velcro
I find joy in her ecstatic screams
The fire’s light is are blazing yearn
Her unconventional kinkiness brings me thrill
You’re a greedy hex
Your fangs are sharpened, I don’t mind the pain
Just give me what I desire
Her arts been sweetened, may I have a taste
Her desirability heightened in infernal stockings
Every day I’ll come back for more

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