"My all!"

Marizela; means the sun and the sea,

the girl who always runs, from evil and greed,

she the fun, but a living death they forced her to be!

walking through that grassy fieled,

made me believe,

there's a sored heart inside me!

dimons are humans as i see,

with hate a tears each other they feed!

so i count him an angel,

cause he's the air, i simply need!

as i was dead, he made me breath,

he made me live, he made it beat!

he made me smile, he made me bleed,

but when to me he smiles,

my heart gets healed!


september 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kind of wrote this about me, i know how stupid could it sound.. though "why the hell would i care;)!"

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