"Comming true!"

what could i say?

how could i begin?

i think of you night and day,

and the times within!

how could i live~

if you went away?

howw could i love~

if you were'nt there?

feeling you away~

made me the saddest person,

memories of things you say~

defind love as a poison!

i know that you've been hurt, and there is no one to blame

but i really wanna help ya, cuz i really feel the same

whenever i remember that dirty name...

but what should we do, we'll feel better

while we are together, nothing stays the same

we had alot of fears

many years many tears

many nights many dreams

and finally our dream came true..

no lies,great life~

we are together;

only me and you!

and i'm sure that the best thing we can do..

is being together from now~

'til forever...




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