"what am i?"

I’m ;

a body without strength

A soul afraid of death

A road with no end

the Words that can’t be said

All the way~

All the day~

Until the end...

A heart afraid of breakin’

‘cuz people are fakin’

No more hands shakin’

No love to be taken.

It’s the same;

if tomorrow~


Or even today.

I’ll wait;

Maybe an angel will come~

some day;

With burning eyes~

Like stars;

He’ll take me up~

To heaven;

In his velvet arms.

My angels take me to heaven;

Where love can be given;

Where we can forgive,

& where we are forgiven,


the rain would cry,

Come on my angel lets fly.

Days are passing by,

as dreams are no longer mine,

dreams, never came true,

angels, caused me pain,

i’m still walking through the rain,

where any thing can begin.

once i've been lost in.

when i've been blind,

for love i died,

and i will die once again...

The end....


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