The tale of Two Halves

2 billion years ago, after the Sun was created two majestic creatures were born…

Yang the White Tiger and Yin the Black Tiger.


Yin had black fur, black stripes, unusual; penetrating dark brown eyes, teeth as white as snow, enormous fangs, even bigger claws and a heavy but muscular body complexity. Yang on the other hand had white fur, no stripes, only a perfect layer of soft silky white hair, an almost angelic white color; it is written that you could almost see a halo on top of its head at times.

These were the two children of The Creator, an Ominous entity that sent his children to Earth to test their will, strength and to see if his children were able to build a civilization out of nothing.

However Yin and Yang took it upon themselves to roam around and discover the new landscapes that Earth had to offer, so they travelled for years and years; exploring and hunting… Until The Creator decided that he needed to speed things up, so he sent their female counterparts to Earth, so they could fall in love and have children


So Yin and Yang decided to divide the Earth in two parts, each would have their own half to build their family and live out their lives.

And so Yin took the East side of the world and Yang took the West side, for no particular reason, even though they were unhappy when they separated since they had spent basically all their lives together, they knew it was for the best.


A billion years later, Yin and Yang had long lost their physical form, their bodies were no longer on Earth but their souls were, and both Yin and Yang would have at all times a different body that would be used as a vessel, this vessel would represent the true feelings of Yin and Yang.

However after another couple of thousand years later, because of human exploration, the vessels of Yin and Yang came in contact after more than 1 billion years of not seeing each other.


At first they did not recognize their life-like form, but they both had a very strange feeling within their gut. Yet still proceeded to treat each other like strangers, the strength that both had within their vessel had always been dormant, until this day. All they could sense was that each other’s presence was very heavy and strong. After a moment of silence, Yang’s vessel said to Yin; ‘brother is it you?’ In a mysterious dialect, and all Yin could hear was growling, which only made him angrier and more suspicious.

Yin responded ‘who are you?’ but unfortunately for both of them all Yang could hear was growling as well…




This small spark of aggressiveness triggered both of their animal-like spirits and led them to fight; pouncing each other, using their claws, vicious fangs, etc… This fight not only led to the destruction of a very big portion of the Earth, but also of their Earth vessels.

Once the souls of Yin and Yang came out of the vessels, they looked around and saw nothing but destruction.

And as they looked each other in their spirit-like forms and realized that they were brothers, they ran to each other and hugged; and this was were the union of Yin and Yang, where balance was restored.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mr Dino's Class at ITESM, by Sofia Galvan and Mario Ramirez. 

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