one good deed

One good deed

It was cold Friday night, Joel and his friends left work but decided to go out for a few drinks, it was getting really late and his friends wanted to keep on drinking but Joel wanted to get home to see his wife because they had a big fight the day before and she would get mad if he arrived home drunk, so he decided to leave, his car was in the workshop so he had to walk all the way home, he walked for a few minutes until he saw a girl running very desperately towards a construction site followed by a man in a hoodie and he got a glimpse of a gun so he knew the girl was in real trouble, Joel was thinking to himself “should I go and help a stranger?, I would want someone to help me if I was in trouble, what if it was my daughter? Or my wife?” so he convinced himself to go in the construction site, once in the building he heard loud noises coming from the second floor, then he heard the girl scream, she sounded horrified. It took a few seconds for him to react and then he ran to the second floor and entered the room where the girl was already with her mouth covered with a black cloth, then he saw the guy with the gun. He was scared, moments ago he thought he was going to get home to see his beautiful wife and children, he never would have imagined he would end up in this situation but he knew he had to help the girl. The girl looked at him, tears in her eyes and he knew what was going to happen next. “Run!” he shouted to the girl and at the same time he punched the guy with the gun and pushed him to the floor. The last thing he saw was the girl leaving, running for her life, he had saved her.


The man in the hoodie picked up the gun and shot Joel, then he ran away... and there he was, laying on the ground with blood all over the floor, he kept thinking “what is my family gonna think about why a never arrived home?, that I left them?, that I didn't care about them?... at least I had the opportunity to save one life.

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