The song of life

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The song of life

It was beautiful i tell you

I don't understand grandpa how did we end up like this

Well son, when i was young there was this tale of this bird called Aetos she was the ruler of the skies and the sea, and one day she sang a song

A song?

Yes the most beautiful sound ever created. When she sang birds filled the skies, fish flooded the seas and deer ran up and down the fields.

But now there are no fish and no deer and we are the only birds left

You see the only thing that Aetos did not tell us is that every song has an ending, and i am sad to say that we are near the end

What do you mean?

I mean that this beautiful song is life, it’s what gives us life, but like any song life doesn’t last forever

But if she sings forever we can keep living and maybe fish and deer can come back and live with us like it was before

No son, she can’t sing forever

Why can’t she?

Because she is getting old, she was once like you, a little bird filled with energy and joy singing beautifully everywhere she went, but now she has lived for thousands of years and she is starting to forget

But how, how can she forget the song that keeps us alive?

Age does that, you can’t understand that now since you are still so little

And that’s why the deer and fish are not here anymore, because she is forgetting?

Yes that’s the reason, many years ago there were many animals you didn’t get to see, there were bears, lions, elephants and many many more, but as Aetos gets older she keeps forgetting the words to the song of life, that’s why many species have stopped existing over time and now we are the only ones left because we are birds, just like Aetos but I’m afraid very soon this will all end

But how do we prepare for the ending, how will we know when the world will end?

We won’t know, the only thing we can do is enjoy the time we have left and make the most of it because we can’t know for sure when all will end


A few days after this conversation the two birds decided to fly all over the world so they could see all the beautiful landscapes and sunrises and sunsets. The grandfather wanted his grandson to get the chance to see mountains, deserts, jungles and all the different landscapes that existed. After the perfect day of flying above the ocean the birds went to rest in the sand and watched the sunset until suddenly the sky and everything around them went dark and there was no sound anymore and the world finally ended.

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