My aunt's books

I have always looked up to my godmother and favorite aunt named Lore. I believe she is the wisest and most fun person I know. Whenever I go to her home I see her collection of books, of many different subjects and colors. When I was little, each week during summer vacations my aunt used to take me and my cousins to do a fun activity like hiking or something outdoors or she would take us to visit new places and learn new things and then, after that, she would take us to her favorite bookstore, we would be there for a while and then she bought us each a book or a coloring or stickers book and she got herself a new book for her collection. After we got our new books we went all together for ice cream and candies and we took those to her house and we enjoyed our new books all together. Those were my favorite days of vacations. So every vacation, as I grew older I watched this collection get bigger and bigger I also noticed my godmother getting wiser and very interesting. Other tradition we had with her was that every Christmas eve she would read us meaningful stories. My aunt’s books gave her ages of knowledge, but kept her heart like the one of a little girl. She is always so cheerful and happy, and she is the perfect person to go to if there is something troubling you because she can always see a bright side to a bad situation and she always knows what to say to make you feel better. My aunt’s books have helped her see life in a different perspective, she has become the person in our family who everyone asks for help or advice, not only the grown ups, but kids too. I think in a way, my aunt’s love for her books and for us made our family come closer together. My aunt’s books are very important to her, and now that I’m older and I see how much knowledge she has acquired over the years I can see why.

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