The Beginning of the Milky Way Galaxy (Mariana Elosúa and Abelardo Salazar)

Billions of years ago, the gods of land, water, fire, and air reached the Milky Way Galaxy. It was emptier than a black hole. Together, the four gods decided to create something new, something unique, something never done before… life. “We should assign one central power, something bright, something that will give light to millions and keep life alive” said the god of fire. “We should make many rocks, which shall be called planets, which will spin around this central power” said the god of land. The gods of water and air had used most of their powers in the last galaxy, therefore, they had little power to create something that would reach the whole Milky Way Galaxy.

Together, the god of water and the god of air picked one planet and decided to use their last powers on it. “I shall give the third planet water” the god of water said, “this will nurture and let life grow with the help of the sun”. Oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls where made, and with the help of the sun, plants were created. “I will give the third planet air” said the god of air, “this is my last treasure that I will wholeheartedly give. No one is to abuse of this element. Anyone who defies it must face the consequences of separation.”

Plants were the beginning of life. They were granted one magical power, which was to be consented by all gods. “We feel very lonely” said nature. “We grow, we conquer new lands, but we cannot move. We wish to have company by something new and active”. The four gods got together, and with the power of one blow, animals were created. To value each god, different kinds of animals where made. To honor the god of land, mammals, which included humans, were created. They were made to run, climb, and jump. To honor the god of water, fish were created. They were able to swim, breathe underwater, and explore the beauty of the blue world. To honor the god of air, birds were created. They were given the power to fly and look at the world from different altitudes. Last but not least was the god of fire. They could not honor the god of fire with a fire species because that could hurt nature.

The god of fire felt a hole within himself. He felt excluded and lonely because none of the organisms were to honor or worship him. Therefore something that was never seen bloomed out of him… greed. It began millions of years ago when an organism discovered fire. This would create one or two forest fires, which would feed the god of fire’s greed. He then put a spell on the ocean… petroleum. This would be sufficient enough to kill certain water species. His last step was to give the organisms the tools to use this petroleum and turn it into their empire which would kill all those other species that were made to honor the other gods except him. And slowly this is how life began to separate and decay. Nature, the beginning of life, began to disappear, greed was what killed the earth and left everyone crying on its knees.


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