Tips for designing your advertising offers brochures


Every day, consumers are bombarded by a large flood of advertising that haunts us wherever we go. What added to all the worries and things that we have in our heads and that interest us more makes that advertising is often the last thing we pay attention to. For this reason, if we want to design brochures with advertising offers to promote our brand and our products, it is important that we know how to make a difference to get the attention of consumers and that these are really effective.


In the case of online advertising offers, it is possible to measure the impact of the strategy through multiple tools, but in the case of traditional advertising we have an added difficulty, since we cannot know for sure how many people have seen our brochure The only thing we can do to make our offline advertising work is to pay attention to every detail and not leave anything to chance.


The point is that designing an advertising brochure is not an easy task. This does not mean that it is complicated, but we must take into account several aspects such as the product we advertise and the target audience to which our advertising offers are directed. Therefore, to make it easier for you, here are some tips for your brochures to work and increase sales of your business.


Listen to your team

When we own a company, we often forget that our team is one of the fundamental pillars of our business. Our employees are those who really have direct contact with customers and those who know their needs and requirements. Therefore, before deciding what advertising offers you are going to launch, talk to them and listen to them.


Think about your target audience

When choosing the design of your advertising brochures, typography, sizes, colors and backgrounds, think about your potential customers. It does not have to like you, but your audience, so it is essential that you take into account their tastes and needs.


Your brochures are your cover letter

A good percentage of the people who get your advertising, surely have never heard of your business. The first impression is key and if your advertising brochures do not have a careful design, you will transmit a bad image to your potential clients, who surely will not be interested in your products or services.

Design a clear and easy-to-read message

Avoid going around and clearly transmitting to your audience what you offer and why you should not reject it. Of course, do not include small print and place the price in a conspicuous place. Being direct and transparent are very important aspects to generate confidence in consumers.


Measure your results

Although it is difficult to know how many people have seen our brochure, we can have an idea of its impact through codes and bonds inserted in the brochure that can be exchanged on the website or in the establishment. In this way, you can have data on the generated sales and you can calculate the approximate Return on Investment. Very valuable information to improve the effectiveness of future advertising offers.

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