Grandfather´s Cigarretes

My grandfather always had his cigarettes with him no matter the weather, economy, health, special days, weekends or any other. I can remember when I was younger there wasn´t a day I would visit him and he wasn´t in his rocking chair smoking his Raleigh cigarettes. One after another he used to smoke while greeting and waving his hand at every person that walked by. Since he had lived all his life there, they knew him very well and helped him in case he needed something (even with his cigarettes!). Through family events he was always there, chain-smoking one pack after another. Even though he didn´t like to stand up from his rocking chair, in case he had to, he carried with him 3-5 packs of Raleigh Cigarettes. I can´t tell if at least once in his life he tried other cigarettes brand because every time I visited him he had on his T-Shirt pocket 1 pack of Raleigh Cigarettes and in his jeans´ pocket he had another. I can still remember some times when people he knew gave him as a gift other cigarette brands for him to smoke but he threw them away. I can tell he was really engaged to the Raleigh brand and can´t imagine what he would have done now that Lucky Strike bought the Raleigh Brand. On regular days (when he had money), he would smoke up to 2 packs which means 40 cigarettes a day, on very good days (when people gave him money) he would smoke up to 3 packs a day but waste all the other cash on more packs for the next day or Tecate caguamas, but on bad days (when he had no money and nobody gave him) he would still smoke 1 or 2 packs he had on his closet! Now that I think about it I´m really impressed with his ability to hide from my grandmother when someone gave him money and he used it to buy more cigarettes and alcohol. Another thing I never thought about him is that this was a really bad habit and even though people knew it, they would still helped him get his cigarettes to smoke because they really appreciated him by who he was and that now that he was old he had nothing left to do but to sit on his rocking chair while drinking some Caguamas and smoking packs and packs of Cigarettes.

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