The Lucky Day

The Lucky Day

Jimmy Smith is my name, I´m the youngest of four brothers. Aaron is my oldest brother; he is a tall, strong, with blue eyes and black curly hair. My two middle brothers are twins, their names are Peter and Parker, and they have green eyes with black curly hair. And well, I have hazel eyes with brown curly hair.

Today is my birthday. Each year, for our birthdays, my dad takes us to Johnny rockets restaurant to celebrate and he gives us a small yellow envelope with a lottery ticket. This is actually our family´s birthday tradition.

I like to ride on my skateboard, so by the time I got to the restaurant, my dad was already seated at the front left table. “Hey Jimmy! Over here”, my dad said. I walked toward the table and said, “Hi Dad! Sorry I´m late”. “It´s Okay son”, he answered looking at the menu. Then, the waiter approached our table and asked “Are you ready to order?, what can I get you?. We both looked at him and said “Two Double Rocket hamburgers with extra cheddar cheese and two large soda floats”. The waiter took notes, picked up the menus and went back to the kitchen.

While we were waiting, my Dad pulled his navy blue jacket and grabbed the special yearly yellow envelope. As he handed it to me, I smiled and said “Thanks Dad”, and he always answered back looking at me  “Jimmy, this is your lucky day”. My Dad gave us this present wishing we could win the money and buy ourselves cool toys to play, because we didn´t have the money to buy the new season toys.

Before I could even open the envelope, the meal arrived to our table. I placed the envelope on the table, at the right side of my float, which was at the right side of my hamburger´s plate. We started to talk about school; “How are you doing in physics?”, my dad asked. He knew me very good; I was really bad at physics. “Well Dad, I got a C on my test last week, but I´ll try to improve my grades”, I said. He just looked back at me and smiled, even though my grades were not good, I know he´s really proud of me for my hard work and effort.

We stopped talking and enjoyed the hamburger. There´s this special sauce they use in this type of hamburger that tastes really good, but ten years later I still don´t know what it is made of.

By the time we were finished, the waiter came over to our table and said “Are you finished?”, and he took the dirty dishes and silverware. After a while, my dad turned around to look for the waiter and made a hand sign to ask for the bill. They waiter immediately came over to our table and left a black plastic tray, with a white ticket over it and a red circle around the total, $32.45. I knew that paying for this birthday meal was a big effort for my Dad, that´s why I love him so much. He paid with a $50 dollar bill and asked for change.

He handed to me a penny from the change, and said, “Here you go Jimmy, scratch the lottery ticket squares”. I looked at the envelope and grabbed it. I took out the ticket and stared at it for some seconds, I turned at my dad and said with excitement “Dad, I don´t know which ones to scratch”, the lottery ticket had 8 silver squares. My dad looked at me and said smiling “You just need to pick four”. I started to scratch the top left square, there it had written $1,000 USD. Now, I just needed to find 3 more squares with the same amount of money in order to win. So I scratched the following two squares that were just below, and they both had the $1,000 USD symbol. I was really excited; I knew the remaining one had the final decision. I decided to scratch the square on the right top corner and there it was, the last $1,000 USD sign that I needed to win. I looked right away at my Dad, and there he was, with the biggest smile I´ve ever seen and I said, “Dad, this really is my lucky day”.  (729 words)

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