The World is a Stage

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The World is a Stage

The world is a stage.
And you are the performer.
Instead of boasts about possessional value
Share the thoughts money can't buy,
but have the ability to make a man rich.
Share the thoughts to change the world.
Help guide the ones blinded by ignorance.
Be the voice for those afraid to speak.
Express yourself like no ones watching
Dancing in the summer sun, midnight rain or morning shower.

The world is a stage,
And you are the performer.
So speak up, act out, and never resist.
Never confine your thoughts. Your progress is limitless.
Don't be subdued to negative thoughts.
Ignore the judgements or mindless retorts,
for they were afraid to stand on that stage
To where you perform your masterful play.
Share the truth and let it be known
and sing your expressions in the most wonderful tone.

The world is a stage,
And you are the performer.
No one can take that away,
So use that expression every day.
Powerful thoughts impact your brain.
Confined in a space prepared to explode.
But the only exit is through your senses.
Whether you speak, act, walk, or stand.
You find each days lesson, dont let it go to waste.
You share your expression and all that remains.

The World is YOUR Stage.
Don't let it go to waste.

- Matt Stroud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry I've been gone for so long. Here's a new one.

I'll try to find some of the ones I have written in the past 3 or 4 years

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