The Pain is Gone, I say

For years a man owns tears.

Finally he has strength to wipe them away,

the smile has finally found his face.

He runs into a familiar crowd,

makes a fine anouncement.

"The pain is gone i say"

Hoping for atleast one kind face,

no one makes a response.

4 months go by as frustration sets in.

the man walks down a crowded,

yet lonely street.

Once again a crowd of friends.

This time he's frantic, as he yells


Still no response,

just mutters upon themselves.

He lowers his head,

his journey home is hopeless.

8 months go by,

as life has lost its senses.

Colors are dull, Foods are bland, and sounds are so vague.

His hope is lost as nothing can lift his soul.

a silent tone is whispered,

"the pain is gone, i say"

this time, Everyone looked around,

wondering what was that sound.

As one more year goes by,

curiosity has formed,

the lonely man is gone.

Everyone knew of his name,

But nothing deepr than facts.

No one was interested in his beauty,

they all saw his heart to be black.

When he is found,

who knew his room would shine Gold.

Making everyone miss him dearly

he had pure thoughts of the people he knew.

as he left notes for them insecurely

As they brought him away,

something was found on him.

a note, inside the pocket,

of his dull grey coat.

It simply read..."The Pain is Gone...I say"

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