Slip Away

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I go away.

With you in the passenger side,

and we sing each song real loud,

coming from the radio,

with the windows down.

I'm happy I'm with you today,

As we slip away.

And I lay away,

looking at the deep nights sky

thinking of all the stars,

wondering where they go and how far,

and if we'd ever get there in this life,

as time goes to waste,

and we slip away

I run away

from the drama in my life,

as i hold you in my arms real tight,

wondering what makes this feel so right.

nothing can take the place of you,

as we slip away.

Why is it that i already trust you?

Why is it that i want to love you?

Why is it that i have no regret?

I think its cause you're in my life.

I'm here to stay.

Until a problem gets out of control.

A problem i can no longer handle.

But i trust that this won't happen.

Cause your smile wont keep me from laughing.

I know I'm here to stay,

As we slip away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

as i wrote this I had a tune in my maybe it could be a song?

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