Your Support

When I first met you,

With your words first spoken to me,

You looked so ambitious,

Your thoughts, your mind, your mischief,

Looked as if it was waiting to get out.

But, you were also crippled.

You struggled to crawl,

and would cry out for help.

No one would take the initiative,

Until i entered the spotlight.

I picked you up,

carried you,

Until you were ready

to set your feet onto the surface.

You were becoming stronger,

And i was your guide.

Many things would interfere,

just to knock you down,

But i stayed close,

Just to keep your stance firm,

Above the jagged ground.

The ground has gottten smoother,

and you are starting to pull away.

But, I will never go anywhere,

I will always be in falling distance,

So just in case you ever stumble,

I am there.

To break your fall or catch you.

And make sure you are ok.

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