Green Dress

She was very exited, her mom was darting in and out of the kitchen and her dad was putting a light reindeer on the lawn in the front yard. It was Christmas, you could smell it and feel it. Ana´s favorite part is Secret Santa; the whole family comes to her home, she can play with her cousins and at the same time receive gifts, nor could forget that there are no classes. What more she can ask? It is simply perfect. 

That night when everyone arrived his mom called to the living room was the time for secret Santa; first passed aunt Berta, then her grandma, three of her cousins, her dad and mom, but now was her turn, she opened the gifts that has her name. It was easy to find it since there remain few. Inside the box there was something soft, something soft and green. It was a beautiful green dress, Ana’s favorite color. She had never seen a dress like that, probably her mom bought it, was a feeling.

The days pass and she couldn’t choose something from her closet that wasn’t that green dress. She tried to wear different pants, jeans, skirts but she wasn’t comfortable with anything. Every time that she wears it, she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, the dress had already dropped a button for many washed, she does not care about it, the dress was still beautiful. 

Sometimes she was dying of cold especially when January arrived, but she thinks that not was nothing that a jacket couldn’t fix. Her mom told her If there was something wrong with the clothes she already had, but she decided not to answer, was something that wasn’t going to understand. The days that they washed her dress, was a torture decide to use. She don’t go out without it; she wear for school, piano lessons, movies even to visit her grandparents.

February arrive. It was her ninth birthday, their parents had prepared a small party and invited her friends.  She wasn’t motivated. There was cake, two bad clowns, and music. Some friends brought her a gift but his mother had taught her that opened during the party was impolite, so she had to wait. She tries to guess with the form of the bag she had talent for that. Probably most of the gifts were Barbies. When everyone was gone she start opened, she was right Barbies, she was old enough to play with other things. That night her mom came to her room and give her as a present a beautiful red shirt, was an awesome color. 

The days pass and she even can remember where she put her green dress, but she doesn’t matter anymore. She believed that red goes better with her skin tone.

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