Midnight Terrors and Proper Dreams

I fought to relive the spirit's pain

To quiet its tormented cries

I use to dream of the righteous proper
The goodness of a warm home

While running like a mad fiend in the night
All the terrors were my playmates

Everyone else all powered up on them greatness
Wonderful desires dancing on their finger tips

As I work mine to blisters
Counting my pennies with a thousand dreams on each

All the night terrors carved a veteran
Now sitting in a blessed home, and remember

All the cold days, the drunk nights
Remember the broken promises and corrupted smile

The times of hunger, choking down luke warm peas
Shivering while chomping soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Remembering all the times I fought to calm the tormented spirit
All the love I have been gifted

I need to learn to hold the love tighter than the terrors of old
The power of love has broken the veteran of nightmares

Just like a sculpture artist to the stone
Cast your smite onto this cold heart and birth the knight I am to be

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