High School

Tonight she just so angry and absolutely hated it and had no idea what to do,

she was doing so well, she thought she was finally having a breakthrough.

Things had been hard for her but she tried to cope,

no matter what was going on she never lost hope.


A group at school picked on her she thought it would never end,

it was happening everyday it was simply more then she could comprehend.

The teachers said they would help but never did they try,

they saw her cry in class but simply turned a blind eye.

They teased her and made her feel like she didn't matter,

but she really couldn't help but listen to all the spiteful chatter.

She heard it walking through the corridors there's nothing she could to,

the day was going so well that was until she got into the lunch queue.

First they stared then they laughed then they teased,

she was just daydreaming to the day it would finally ease

she waited and waited but that day never did come

then she realised nothing would ever be done.


It was eventually to hard to cope

the only thing she could think to do was reach for the rope.

It ended as quick as it had started,

no one could believe that she had departed


things were hard and she could no longer cope,


she really thought she would never lose hope.