Social Apocalypse


What if we had time to think


What if the end came as a sound


What if God was electricity


What if our tongues never slept


What if cameras did capture our souls


What if we walked around

and saw an unfinished object


What if America died


What if meat does kill us


What if dogs ran the world


What if two people got sucked in together


What if basements were suddenly uncool


What if we all slept underwater


What if running made you age faster


What if miracles were cheat codes


What if we are only as good as our eyes


What if hiccups are a warning call


What if televisions worked both ways


What if our insides felt bad about our outsides


What if hearts synched like iphones


What if plants suddenly wised up


What if sleep brought us closer


What if ancient astronaughts got the wrong planet


What if we are eternally conscious in our dead bodies


What if we are the future versions of ourselves


What if I've already done this before


What if I'm wrong?


What if I'm right?

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