Black Lights

I will drive you to Hawai'i

and we won't talk no more

and a whole ride above the water

until we reach that shore

and when I drop you off

I will hold on to these words

we were meant to be alone and

live in separate burbs

and on the way we'll talk

about nothing but the sky

and how the stars are ending

because they all have died

and when that last one falters

among the pitch-less black

I'll know that I have lost sight

and it is never coming back

but at the bottom of the ocean

a light there can be seen

the one that we'd forgotten

when we were in our dreams

as an essence of florescence

the pacific life still teems

an underwater highlighter

of Edvard Munch's scream

And I will break the plane

of what I thought I knew

and it will lead me down

far away from you

and I will see those colors

yellows, pinks, and blues

and know that I am dying

in the shallow world of you

And I will drown there quietly

still without much to say

because you cannot drive to Hawai'i

and expect to float on waves

but I had managed to get you there

and once I leave the shore

I will sink is my return

and not think of you no more

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