Here Lies America

Here Lies America:

the toothpaste tube of justice

that was rolled up at both ends

the Chinese finger trap the hands erroneously occupied

The rubix cube of politics matching colors quilted by interest hands

added fans of, "Yes we cans!"

the whirlwind wishers won.

Our arteries and safety cords are equally cut by

Vertical and horizontal integration

of a generation

you see we spilled blood and brains

carried lions by their manes

drove the Indians from the plains

long before she came here.

We gurgled whiskey out west for what was best left to be blessed

by holy water the holy fathers used to abuse Pueblo potters

We raped Virginia's innards and carved our initials on her minerals; forgetting to listen to canaries

as we got carried away to Creole land where we chopped off the hand of the

Negro man who stole what the law man stole from him and

drank bourbon to wait out until she burst the damn

steadying the way for the consumer carnivores

clearing the path for the Sum of the American Existence:

The 1950's

Then we left the 50's

in Hell on Earth destruction in the desert that threw fire in the skies for days.

wiped out any witness who vocalized anger when the reason we named it the

Kennedy Expressway way too early arrived.

Sent soldiers to collect their fortunes from Indo-Chinese sorcerers and purple haze mystics that choked and snuffed lives out suffering atonement in the field

Killed South American Monarchs who flew free over their rubber trees and coca leaves

and like Africanized bees she swarmed as she pleased cutting through forests castrating Bolivar's Balls, the eunuch chorus can't sing and it stings

the morphine used to keep herself

has long worn off

She now stands on her third body

taller and wider but ever more the strider

corpulent Collosus bearing weight to one side

after she painted her naked bodies red and white and blue

to cover scars left by pox marks, self injury, and molestation

The nation was born a third time from porn

watching us watching us right in the act

we redirect our attention to detention of sheep and ascension of police

to the glorious all encompassing eye

Looking out over us from corporate bathhouses and suites

Us Deist decoders lay blind

to the sartorial senators with no clothes on anymore in a republic

where old squaterred dogs piss themselves to death

Do we care about health care about health care about health anymore?

As the smug idiot mouths are let in our soured minds and suck our ballooned brains dry

Partitioned politicians plot removal once more in bed with the idea

of isolating us in airports; an exile from existence

Whats painted on the walls in the Denver Airport is what keeps me up at night

Dead dreams await the schemes banging plowshare into sabers in pride

They are saying, "Come ride the pale horse 'round racetracks in Dubai"

All along we watched the towers

Watched the towers, Watched the towers,

All along we Watched the Towers,

-Wires in the sky.

The point is: what fire melts metal?

Hephaestus the cunning cripple

Couldn't lock America up in chains

She is alive as long as this lie never dies

And so now this regression reaches reaches fury's profession:

Oppression's 9/11's of the Law.

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