Umbilical Cords

An elephant walk of umbilicus grabbing

Each line traveling back in time

To connect bodies deep in space; a race

Pulling one out of the dark and into the fire

One perspires over another as a lover

The same as its always been before

In this planet or the next

As the opposite of sex

I hope we're dead when we die.

Universe of forms, symmetry, and synapses

Are you full of information?

The kind I'm looking for in

This world or the next

The opossum of sex

always playing dead.

Will I travel at curtain call

Will I phone home

Will I be a miracle

Or miracle grow to plant

On planets past and present

Will I stay exactly where I am forever and anon

Or dust to dirt to cannon fodder

Detonated as fireworks

Donated to science

Or, am I right behind us?

A sun coming around again having

Crossed the Stars and blue flesh of the

Other side of the Universal form.

Speckled, yet immaculate

Sensed, but intangible

All sides hidden perceived dimensions

Just waiting- hanging out on the

Other side of concerning one's self with

Krishna Consciousness

Connecting electron-pulsar-atom to Adam-pulse-& affection

I stand an anorexic elephant, cut free of the

Fat dead weights of this world and know

My skeleton rests under a different star in a

Graveyard not of hard, cold dirt and smooth wooden planks

But planets of one day eternally turned backwards

Anything retracting into infinitesimal anarchy

And molecular infinity spinning and spitting

Affinity to a life line once cut, now repaired

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