Lost, Lost, Lost,

Wait!  wait was what she said, such a word to do when turning, turning out

Wait! but you turned, turned way back before this day


well I noticed, all of the warning signs signs your ignoring


and i'm bored of you being so boring.

and oh, i'm left sick of all of your whoring.

So I've Lost

I am lost, and I have lost whatever game this was

not even game it just won't ever be in the same

train of thought I sought

and found

but lost

and tossed

gone and paused

false and fauxed

as it was because

oh all because

I've Lost

So I say

I love the smile back on my face and I turn around after putting you in your place

and justice was served on a dish served cold

and justice deserved oh my wish so bold

and my losing moment turned into my loss

but the choice of my choosing goodbye, dear boss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Before the Combustion.

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