The Brightside of the Sun

If you look on the brightside of the sun:

Stop to reflect, on life as it sets

deriving many days from one

keep moving forward into time

and backwards in the sun

Gaze the stare of one who cares

anointed with the chrism

take dirt and water and blood and saunter

there mark where you've transped

let all witnesses burn retinas

let ferrymen sink their ships

let myrmidons be magnified

as ancestors under this

Thumb the golden orb of Ra

Track the skyline with a fine-line

fall off your horse but stay on course

the sun's corona cannot blind long

strike matches in the mind's eyes

sound fury in the cave

work magic in the open halls

and in the morning never shave

Be lighter with yourself at times

forget and ride the tide

float on within the highest wave

and break it off in stride

plant feathers in the earthen soil

grow trouble in the summer

reap scars in bars but skip the cars

Death comes with autumn slumbers

take long to look at words in books

shake sleep from eyelids woven

enjoy facts employed in what's enjoyed

unwind your time in roaming

Smile if you have the teeth

Or smile if you have none

hold a hand or make a stand

Just don't stare at Grandad's gun

Let it hit you in the pupil

and dilate your every dream

be photic and somatic

save water as a team

be a walker on the rope

be a strider in the sand

build your Castillo against the grain

and never confiscate the plan

Be smarter than the bartender

leave balance scales as tipped

Be lighter in the pocket

and weigh more inside your wit

Carry the fire up to the sun

bring the fight upstairs

Unleash howls to souls!

Catch fire in bowls!

And be one in the sun and retire

There is no brightside of the sun. In fact, it's all bright.

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