Familiar Lies

I live a life of deceit

Concrete evidence presents impetus

The Trees are moving

My family tree should stop at me

I live a life of decent

Hell bent on Heaven

I’m the last piece accordioned out

Smaller and thinner in skin and

Thicker in spirit than the rest

I detest the whole deal

It’s the automobile and the wheel

The invention of descention

I find it offensive all is tall

Tree towers show powers invested in

Festering familiar codes of honor

I set myself alone on a chessboard

Of royalty contrived

I detest the feel

Of love in forms not formidable at my stature in life

Saturated fat old copulating couples cowing in

God’s green grimaced pasture

Lies descendant from

My Grandparents greatest generation of

The ignorance of old folks

Who clamored for prejudice

Pride and

Picture book promises

From my Parents lies disguised in Church and Chalk talk

The truth has shaken free the uncleanly dirt long gathered at its roots.  

Jesus was Jew, his eyes were not blue

Elohim were sky people

The Earth breaks its own plates after a dinner of landscapes and

Drinks itself drunk on burning hot magnificent magma

I live a life on rent

Mortgaged to a land of lords and ladies

Spreading babies and scabies and

Opulent red tape tucked in the bed sheets

Of the dying son/iron lung

Dreaming of Me continuing well-

After I’ve stopped myself

If I can give up my ghost in the machine

What I mean, is if I deny

My family tree

What can ascend from me?

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