Black Hawks and White Eagles

Black Hawk the war chief, took a warrior’s flight

Rising to his tribesmen’s call to fight

On the River of the rocks

Men in ferries on the docks

Battles raged, soldiers gathered forces

Axes and war paint, galloping horses

A once proud hawk, no longer to soar

freedom was chained, not seen any more

This all done certainly for Gaines

The War Chief’s heart consumed with pains

Shackled, Chained, Paraded by his host ,

Taken for a ride to see the East coast  

Black Hawk feather’s weathered the rain

freedom still fluttered through out his each vein

For cities of steel and battleships on the sea,

Black Hawk saw what wouldn't be.

Taken a back and spirit destroyed to the core:

“You know the cause of our making war.”

“It is known to all white men.”  

Black Hawk sighed then spoke again

“ They ought to be ashamed of it"

The Sauk peoples would never quit.

And the greatest pride they ever saw

was leveled by the machine man’s jaw

plain’s destroyed and forests turned clearing

smoke and fire, wars all gearing

Black hawk the bold, the War Chief true

emulates eternity from his bronze statue

there he is slipping,, barely hanging on

Forever in Oregon, spirit not gone

a monument of him, yet not him is set

Pride of his people,

-The Sauk Valley's regret

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