Upside Down

there's a deffinate upside to being down

well, well what was my prime so forth turned itself into a crime

hey wait the new debate on my advantage: years in time

there's a diffiant upside to being so down unable to relish the sound of some chime

unable to walk

talk talk

talk talk

festering intently into oneself avenging revenge



here it comes leading to this place

i can't stir the storm without moving the earth's face

atlas is in shambles, the lizard king hissed

the gods undeniably, deffinatley pissed

and i wished

oh i wished

nothing was taken for granted except for me

the rape of the innocent's will to be

pushed far to far

over tumbled over

a handstand contest

left for graces

with them those

those tremebling well wishers

the teacher taught well

the teacher taught well

but not well enough for me

theres an upside to being so down, down to the ground. flipped to walk where legs should transport

reliquished is the new man in his old fort

busted mine were, how about yours too?

oh how i wonder the machine turned me blue

in the end i cant do

anything i try to, so

welcome to the upside to being down, where i cannot hint at my reflection to frown

and eyes still stare at my feet in the air, i simply hold out, unable to bare

weight over my head blood rushes instead, i'm all messed up




a handstand contest to never quite win, reversed from top to bottom place

hey the blood rushes down to my face

and again i triumph over the unfair fair maidens, but burdens mr. durden, fight clubbed and laden.  

Messed up!  Up

Up Side Down

Funny man laughing stock, joke of a clown

Up side to, to being so down

I am the reason the brunt of the frowns

The headrushing landslide, took me to the ground.

head first,

self dispersed too much to be found

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