Said Just In Case

As Much as I pretend,

It Isn't Real

I have spun full  circle

on your "get with" wheel


You know,

I trusted

and all...

of that sterling silver,


So Good with your mouth

But so lowsy with words

You're more like the Bees

And less like The Birds

You'll never be a Queen, Princess

You'll always be a follower

And how this makes you feel,

just all the more hollower

He Spread your rumors all over this town

Just can't stop, can't let him down


Shut him up with your lips

water bottled shots just, just a few more sips


Shut him up with your tongue

did he take all the air just, just out of your lungs?


Shut him up with your horizontal hips

is this fair or just, just in case the truth slips

What do I get for playing my part?

I fixed you,

and you broke my heart.

You'll never say No

You'd never say Yes

This is the problem

No truth to confess

Never say No

Never said Yes

This is the problem

This is the Mess

Never knew No

Never a Yes

On you:

I can't think anymore

I couldn't think any less

This all said for Just In Case

To remember the Reason between our space

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